Dancer Placement Intensive




For SEASON THREE of dancing at The Eight Count we decided to have a "Placement Intensive" day. Meaning, we have a spot waiting for your dancer on our team; leave it up to us to give your dancer the right "groove". Everyone is welcome to join!

This is an RSVP workshop.

This will be the day your dancer has been waiting for...Competitive placement for our Season Three competitive routines.

Details to be provided with regards to class styles and age groups.



Dancers train to maintain and improve technique, strength and flexibility during regular season as well as off-season to prepare for upcoming competitions or special events. Guaranteed to be a great experience, as our dancers will be challenged to work to their fullest potential.


Competitive dancers will participate in  recreational classes as well as their training classes. With increased training preparing for any upcoming events, festivals or competitions. Participation is mandatory for all events, festivals or competitions, unless stated otherwise.


All dancers are required to register for BALLET as well as our TECHNIQUE classes and is based on age during our "regular season" and commit to summer/off-season training. 

Impeccable attendance is a must.  Many classes are progressive, as exercises and choreography are added onto every week.


In addition to attending competitions, competitive dancers are given workshop & convention opportunities and also perform in our year end recitals , giving dancers plenty of opportunity to perform!   

We are a growing studio with instructors that are ready to inspire your dancer through individual motivation as we creativity make art and memories together. 

Updated April 20th 2020

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